Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More 1983


      Image stills from RISKY BUSINESS, 1983 Warner Bros. 

The look of teenage fantasy meeting collegiate prep. 

Damn this was a good year.  Now that the fashion bandwagon has moved onto the 90's I finally feel this is a safe decade to explore more of. I never thought I was much of an 80's girl fashion wise. I like clean lines, I like feminine, I like pretty and I like minimal. 
Looking at stills from Risky Business, 1983 directed by Paul Brickman, I realize how great some of the decades earlier fashion was. Costume designer  Robert de Mora deserves major credit. Many of my favorite current fashion trends are shown here.  Menswear inspired blazers, fabulous hats, black bows, delicate jewelry, white collared shirts, tweed, Wayfarer's and grey sweatshirts all make for an inspirational mix.

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